Friday, December 21, 2012

shooting in RAW? or JPEG?


People always wonder, which format should I shoot at? RAW? or JPEG?


in fact, I personally prefer RAW. full access for post-processing, such as increase brightness / exposure without increasing noise that much (compared to JPEG).


RAW keeps every details of the images as needed. JPEG is a compressed version, which ‘ditched’ a lot of details as the camera seems unnecessary. Some cameras are great enough to be in JPEG, but some (mostly the old ones) would be better if you convert to JPEG via software.


I am fully into RAW since about a year ago, where previously I only used RAW when having event photoshoot. I am now kind of regret not using RAW for travelling, because you will realise (near in the future, or maybe even you have started to realise it now) the details needed for post-process are discarded during the in-camera-conversion.


If you think that the current usage of images taken can ignore the details, JPEG will be great, and you can burst your memory card with at least double the images saved. However, if you are taking some photos that are for memories, documenting, preferably RAW. It helps you to keep every details in the file. Who knows? 2 years later, you may need the images in different mood presentation. RAW is here to help you.


FYI, the above photo is taken in RAW, took in portrait orientation. I cropped it into landscape orientation, and as you can see, the details are as good as if I took it as it is.


Jared Polin loves to wear the shirt: I SHOOT RAW.


Oh yea. I shoot RAW.


- two cent worth

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