Monday, December 03, 2012

24hr metta, 2012



It’s the first time I have heard of 24-hour metta. It sounds fresh to me and had been wondering for long what is it for. As the day came, a friend of mine gave me a ring asking a favor as volunteer photographer for this event, I agreed without hesitation.


Well, in fact it is really something different event after all, where as a buddhist event, it needs a lot of participation from the buddhist societies all over the places to have chanting hourly.  The day I entered the hall, I felt so calm. Once the chanting has started, the peacefulness came into my heart and stayed in. All after all, it’s a real great event, as I had omitted my 2 very-first-hand-reserved-tickets for 星雲法師的『大馬好』。In fact, I was struggling whether should I skip for the photoshoot session and go for the 大馬好, but i stood firm on my promise.


The wish blessed me, I helped out for this event and soon after the event ended, I got a link to view 大馬好 from start to end, no interruption in between. Greatly appreciated.



Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.


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