Wednesday, February 22, 2012

street artist



It is normal to see street artist performing on the street, tube station. Yet, it is actually illegal for them to perform, and walk around to get ‘tips’. There was once, the performer had his performance on tube, then he walked around to collect ‘tips’ infront of a group of officer. the officer then approached him and brought him out of the tube at next stop.


Then only I know, they performing is as an entertainment, so should not COLLECT tips, but if people willing to give, they have to approach to him themselves. interesting eh?


But Malaysia, hardly get to see such big group performing on street. And, they are actually having their own legal album for sale! cool right!?!?

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Nath said...

Hhmm... It depends, from what I know you need license to perform in Taiwan. Some more different area applies different type of performing license. Interesting right?

Xjion89 said...

bff~ when is the next update!^^