Monday, February 06, 2012

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Sagrada Familia, masterpiece of  Antoni Gaudi. view his details at wiki, click here. A brief story about this Sagrada Familia, the Roman Catholic church that yet to be completed for decades. It is expected to be completed on 2026.

Sagrada Familia from bottom view.


What’s the specialty of Sagrada Familia actually? Antoni Gaudi got all the ideas of the structures from nature, such as leaves, flowers, stems and etc. It is used to implement on inner roof design, outside design, tip of the roof (outside) and all.

flower concept roof top





idea from flower





idea from plant seed



idea from leaves





design for front side entrance of the church



the statues above the entrance



the architect crafting the roof top


The worker there, works 6 days a week and almost 10hours per day to finish up the construction work. 1 of the critical issues faced for the construction work is the fund is fully by donation, no government support at all. There are places for visitors to donate money if the visitors wanted. And yeah, pay to enter. =) tour-guide-headset-unit is provided so that self-guide tour would be fine and great. Interesting right? get a chance to get yourself there and donate some money too! *teehee*

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Miss A said...

Wow! A lot has changed since I visited in 2009.

Xjion89 said...

bff finally updated!
love the architecture! true art^^