Friday, February 03, 2012

Barcelona, Spain

When traveling, it is really tempted to capture everything seen with our eye into pictures as nice as possible, even thought of panorama shots. 1 of them is this that I have captured:


the stadium was under patching or something on the grass. If not mistaken, this is the stadium used for Olympic in Barcelona years ago.


To Europe, most of the time would need to explore their cathedral, for their cool and historical look and feel. I took some of them. Have some look:


1 of the statue in a cathedral, but couldn’t get to find out what this statue meant to be there. =X



the speech table for the priest I guess? but, this is located at 1 side for view. Not be used for long due to the historical value I think. =D



And of course, the cathedral glass which makes the cathedral attractive when u are inside it. its just too awesome to view them. Nice right? =D =D =D stay tune for more photos! =P

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hcvvorld of Travels and Photography said...

more photosss pls..thanx:D