Monday, August 22, 2011



its been so long did not touch my blog!

but! but! but!

I have not been touching my laptop that much too! Its been my weekday routine where I wake up early, bath, prepare, drive for 50mins, reach office and on desktop. then, check emails to update what need to be followed up by what colleague requested (or updated). Then, continue what have not been finished from last week / yesterday. Then, end of the working hours, head back home. reach home at 7+pm. Then, bring my dog for a walk at the garden beside my house, then back home, bath, eat dinner, 45mins tv drama with mom. drama ends, prepare next day's lunch, back to room, slack abit, sleep. =.=||

What about Saturday? Sunday?
So far, I have just realised this whole month, I have not been at home for every Saturday except last week. Stayed at home, rearranged my wardrobe, cleaned some of my stuff in my room, half day gone. was a lil tired, and because is afternoon, not a good time for car washing (and of course I woke up late for Saturday, so missed out the GOLDEN time for car washing). So, took a short break, read book for short period and TERslept. >< Then evening woke up and prepare for a dinner with mom and then went to did some research for next day's Sunday Dhamma Class teaching's need.

Went to friend's house and continue did my research because my friend was complaining demanding accompaniment since noone at home accompany my friend. Thus, went there and did some research and found a video which seems quite good enough for sharing. Then, left for a dessert. Chit chat like gila as usual. LOL.. And well, Saturday is again, like bz fella (but actually not). hahaha~

What about Sunday!? Update la blog on sunday!!
Sunday morning has Sunday Dhamma Class as mentioned on the paragraphs above (duh~)
Then, usually back home at like 2-3? at earliest? Sometimes, had meetings or some things need to sort out at other places. which will be back home for dinner. By that time after dinner, tada~ times up! bed time! =.=|

Seriously, my laptop always starts up supremely slow just because too rusty adi! Once I 'warm up' my laptop, it will start to start faster and faster as a normal ones. It lags like crazy especially when it needs to do scanning since it does not on for a long time.. windows updates.. anti-virus updates.. bla bla bla.. all bullshit sorts of work need to be done to keep my laptop safe. >_<||

And guess what? Wake me up when September ends? No! nO! NO!! in my case, Wake me up when AUGUST ENDS!~ why? because I so gonna rush my internship report and submit it on 2nd of September AT LATEST.

Left a week to write up, because next week will be bz with a camp at Malacca. Hmm.. Anyone willing to help me sort out how to write internship report? teehee~~~
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Xjion89 said...

waaaa, finally update~
Ur life is routine~~
dun even hv pics now~~
i 4got how u looks like oredy(><)~~~
hehehe, all the best in writin gur report!!!!~

Xjion89 said...

10 more days when Sep ends, but classes start next week(><)~

c u soon!!