Sunday, June 19, 2011


oh alright..

It has been months I did not turn up in this blog.

Scheduled was packed like AWESOMELY *woohoo*.
> thesis - questionaire
-> thesis - analysis
--> designing - coursework
---> thesis
----> design game - coursework
-----> report (game design)
------> final exam
-------> 1 week intensive camp
--------> intern starts

and now, I have start to play with AutoCaD for my intern purpose.

Started looking at the way they doing design for power circuit via AutoCaD is amazing. And, this kind of a good new knowledge to find out because I now understand quite alot about the whole supply circuit when I did not study Power Network (which I intended to take this subject and I dropped it; and is the compulsory one to understand what I am doing now)

Phew, start to settling down my intern. Leave house LATEST 7.30am to reach office RIGHT BEFORE 8.30am.

Once getting used to it, alot of things will start to get into my weekly schedule and gonna be packed with good intention activities. haha...

New updates coming up soon. (",)
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