Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4G in Malaysia?

There is a rumour started passing around of getting 4G network in Malaysia. Is that a great thing? or stupid thing? or perhaps, redundant?

Let's see. By having 4G network, everyone could enjoy faster speed at available. Faster speed in terms of 1.5 times faster than the speed provided 3G at current stage. It seems pretty interesting right?

But wait! Let's think back about our current situation!

Hmm, according to survey done from some company / association, 1.8 handphones can be found on average on each residence. 70% of the handphone users attached to the mobile internet via service provider. Viewing from this point, 4G will be a great improvement for all the user right? Oh, YES! Definitely!

To check on your phone signal from time to time, did you realise that 50% of the locations you went are usually not in 3G connection? such as in your room /crib, in your office workstation, in your university, in restaurants or even in toilet! Certain locations even suffer from EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY.

Rather than investing higher costs to inject 4G (some says 3.5G) into Malaysia market, why not establish much better connection of 3G which benefits every single user at every single location / position?

As can be seen, all handphone companies are moving towards WM7 / android models. Users nowadays are mentioning either WM7 phone? android, such as Tab 10.1? or even BB? and iOS 5? Frankly speaking, these phones are just useless when no internet connection available. 3G has became essential network at current era just like the role of GSM in 15 years back. Get this 3G connection stable and taadaaa... 4G can have even more firm and easier platform for you to push into the market.

So, anyone has comments about my two-cent-worth-of-thoughts?
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Xjion89 said...

bff, wat a technical post.....hehehee