Sunday, February 13, 2011

movie marathon

It’s been such a long long long long time…

I have movie marathon. Or maybe did not even had once?


By the way, I have finally finished the draft report, printed it, bind-ed it, submitted it to supervisor. Oh, THANK GOD!!


Hmm, on that day I finish the draft, I watched:

Mall Cop

Fast n Furious 4

17 Again


Next day, I watched:

500 days of Summer (skipped in within)

Love Actually (skipped in within)

From Beijing with Love

Just Friends

Almost Famous (skipped in within)


Yesterday, I watched:

60 Gone In



Just now,

The Switch

The Proposal


D*** IT!

It was such a fun thing don’t you think? LOL, that’s really outdated movies I think? But, pretty fun to watch them online (partially) and enjoyed the fun for now.


Well, feeling something is going to happen badly. BUT i dunno what.. just something..



Oh well, Java is seriously fun to play around.. But, hope the project is not very hard.. Bless us (my class) LOL

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