Monday, January 24, 2011

updates after my final! oh yeah!



oh yes!!


my exam is over!!

but then,



i need to do CV for my internship within this week by hook by crook…

havt prepare my group project report by this week by hook by crook…

need to do preparation for next semester’s events regarding tzu ching..


start feeling cracking myself into 3 parts..



give sum updates with my exams..


6 papers are now finally over. relieved. Precisely. Why? Can you imagine? study every single subjects during exam period? OMG, I know it shouldn’t be that way NO MATTER WHAT, but I had no choice. Was totally stressed out of it just to get myself through this exam. What I really hope now is just maintaining 1st class, and hopping my average is above 80% if possible (kind of feeling not that possible).


But then, finally, everything is in a break, and gonna rest for a short while, and gonna pick up n rush for the next semester. Pretty sad for UK campus, they actually had the new semester right after the week of exams. NO BREAK. Crazy right? packed! OMG. but then, they gonna have 1 month easter break. =P enjoyable one. =P


Alright, I gonna prepare for a photoshop marathon very soon to keep my blog updated with some photos. =)


o~kay~ now, is time for me to get myself back into the 4-5k long lists of unread google reader news/updates. LOL already halfway through, 2-3k left now. =P wish me luck for today to finish it soon. LOL

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