Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snow for Christmas

Its been a while I came back from UK. But, I missed the snow in UK. LOL
Raleigh Park, my used-to-be hostel in UK. Missed it too. Cooked every evening.

Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Friday, November 25, 2011



You are an apple of my eye - 九把刀 9 knives
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wake me up when September Ends.


Left 1 day, and September ends.
Time flies.
Hectic life coming in.
Good luck, guys.

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Monday, August 22, 2011



its been so long did not touch my blog!

but! but! but!

I have not been touching my laptop that much too! Its been my weekday routine where I wake up early, bath, prepare, drive for 50mins, reach office and on desktop. then, check emails to update what need to be followed up by what colleague requested (or updated). Then, continue what have not been finished from last week / yesterday. Then, end of the working hours, head back home. reach home at 7+pm. Then, bring my dog for a walk at the garden beside my house, then back home, bath, eat dinner, 45mins tv drama with mom. drama ends, prepare next day's lunch, back to room, slack abit, sleep. =.=||

What about Saturday? Sunday?
So far, I have just realised this whole month, I have not been at home for every Saturday except last week. Stayed at home, rearranged my wardrobe, cleaned some of my stuff in my room, half day gone. was a lil tired, and because is afternoon, not a good time for car washing (and of course I woke up late for Saturday, so missed out the GOLDEN time for car washing). So, took a short break, read book for short period and TERslept. >< Then evening woke up and prepare for a dinner with mom and then went to did some research for next day's Sunday Dhamma Class teaching's need.

Went to friend's house and continue did my research because my friend was complaining demanding accompaniment since noone at home accompany my friend. Thus, went there and did some research and found a video which seems quite good enough for sharing. Then, left for a dessert. Chit chat like gila as usual. LOL.. And well, Saturday is again, like bz fella (but actually not). hahaha~

What about Sunday!? Update la blog on sunday!!
Sunday morning has Sunday Dhamma Class as mentioned on the paragraphs above (duh~)
Then, usually back home at like 2-3? at earliest? Sometimes, had meetings or some things need to sort out at other places. which will be back home for dinner. By that time after dinner, tada~ times up! bed time! =.=|

Seriously, my laptop always starts up supremely slow just because too rusty adi! Once I 'warm up' my laptop, it will start to start faster and faster as a normal ones. It lags like crazy especially when it needs to do scanning since it does not on for a long time.. windows updates.. anti-virus updates.. bla bla bla.. all bullshit sorts of work need to be done to keep my laptop safe. >_<||

And guess what? Wake me up when September ends? No! nO! NO!! in my case, Wake me up when AUGUST ENDS!~ why? because I so gonna rush my internship report and submit it on 2nd of September AT LATEST.

Left a week to write up, because next week will be bz with a camp at Malacca. Hmm.. Anyone willing to help me sort out how to write internship report? teehee~~~
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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Short Updates


Working in Shah Alam is kind of tiring.

MUST leave the house LATEST 7.30am to avoid LATE, when my working hour is 8.30am - 5.30pm.

And when leave, if I leave 5 minutes late (or longer), I gonna be back home after 7PM (and of course, leave later, reach MUCH later).

my life gets the same routine for weekdays, reach back home, bring my Charles to have a walk at garden, back home, bath. dinner and tv drama (DaAi TV). and gotta prepare next day's lunch to be cooked and brought. Then? sleep. =.=|| totally have no time to touch my laptop. And this led to my computer get into serious sickness!

After 2 weeks (I think may even more than that) of not touching it, my computer couldn't start. Restarted again and again. As finally it gets thru, it runs SUPER DUPER HYPER slow. =.=|| macam snail saje...

Its like the first time being so slow since I got this laptop. =.=|| and..
YESH!! I got my D80 back! woohoo!! after getting the new 'jantung' (shutter), my camera is alive! and wanted to test 24-70mm F/2.8. but luck not on me! It was out for roadshow! ISHH!!! but nvm, i tested 70-200mm F/2.8. LOL!!

SERIOUSLY, poisoned with the power of 2.8...

and allow me to do a quote which reminds me the scenario from last year:

SY: this is awesome picture!

WS: yup! the power of 2.8!

SY: what? this lens costs 2.8k?

everyone: silent a moment.

WS & SP: nope, its the setting is 2.8. not the price.

SY: oh, okay.

everyone: silent a moment again. then, laughed.

seriously, can't wait to get myself 24-70mm F/2.8 =D =D =D
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4G in Malaysia?

There is a rumour started passing around of getting 4G network in Malaysia. Is that a great thing? or stupid thing? or perhaps, redundant?

Let's see. By having 4G network, everyone could enjoy faster speed at available. Faster speed in terms of 1.5 times faster than the speed provided 3G at current stage. It seems pretty interesting right?

But wait! Let's think back about our current situation!

Hmm, according to survey done from some company / association, 1.8 handphones can be found on average on each residence. 70% of the handphone users attached to the mobile internet via service provider. Viewing from this point, 4G will be a great improvement for all the user right? Oh, YES! Definitely!

To check on your phone signal from time to time, did you realise that 50% of the locations you went are usually not in 3G connection? such as in your room /crib, in your office workstation, in your university, in restaurants or even in toilet! Certain locations even suffer from EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY.

Rather than investing higher costs to inject 4G (some says 3.5G) into Malaysia market, why not establish much better connection of 3G which benefits every single user at every single location / position?

As can be seen, all handphone companies are moving towards WM7 / android models. Users nowadays are mentioning either WM7 phone? android, such as Tab 10.1? or even BB? and iOS 5? Frankly speaking, these phones are just useless when no internet connection available. 3G has became essential network at current era just like the role of GSM in 15 years back. Get this 3G connection stable and taadaaa... 4G can have even more firm and easier platform for you to push into the market.

So, anyone has comments about my two-cent-worth-of-thoughts?
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Sunday, June 19, 2011


oh alright..

It has been months I did not turn up in this blog.

Scheduled was packed like AWESOMELY *woohoo*.
> thesis - questionaire
-> thesis - analysis
--> designing - coursework
---> thesis
----> design game - coursework
-----> report (game design)
------> final exam
-------> 1 week intensive camp
--------> intern starts

and now, I have start to play with AutoCaD for my intern purpose.

Started looking at the way they doing design for power circuit via AutoCaD is amazing. And, this kind of a good new knowledge to find out because I now understand quite alot about the whole supply circuit when I did not study Power Network (which I intended to take this subject and I dropped it; and is the compulsory one to understand what I am doing now)

Phew, start to settling down my intern. Leave house LATEST 7.30am to reach office RIGHT BEFORE 8.30am.

Once getting used to it, alot of things will start to get into my weekly schedule and gonna be packed with good intention activities. haha...

New updates coming up soon. (",)
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Monday, March 21, 2011


yeah, WOOTS!!!


It has been so long I have not been here… full of ‘spider webs’ around.. =X


Have been doing this and that non-stop.. Soon to rush up courseworks and reports…


Oh, and I just got myself a new PS-ed profile picture in FB.. I kind of like it..


Any comment about it?

Here you go to see:




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Sunday, February 13, 2011

movie marathon

It’s been such a long long long long time…

I have movie marathon. Or maybe did not even had once?


By the way, I have finally finished the draft report, printed it, bind-ed it, submitted it to supervisor. Oh, THANK GOD!!


Hmm, on that day I finish the draft, I watched:

Mall Cop

Fast n Furious 4

17 Again


Next day, I watched:

500 days of Summer (skipped in within)

Love Actually (skipped in within)

From Beijing with Love

Just Friends

Almost Famous (skipped in within)


Yesterday, I watched:

60 Gone In



Just now,

The Switch

The Proposal


D*** IT!

It was such a fun thing don’t you think? LOL, that’s really outdated movies I think? But, pretty fun to watch them online (partially) and enjoyed the fun for now.


Well, feeling something is going to happen badly. BUT i dunno what.. just something..



Oh well, Java is seriously fun to play around.. But, hope the project is not very hard.. Bless us (my class) LOL

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Monday, January 24, 2011

updates after my final! oh yeah!



oh yes!!


my exam is over!!

but then,



i need to do CV for my internship within this week by hook by crook…

havt prepare my group project report by this week by hook by crook…

need to do preparation for next semester’s events regarding tzu ching..


start feeling cracking myself into 3 parts..



give sum updates with my exams..


6 papers are now finally over. relieved. Precisely. Why? Can you imagine? study every single subjects during exam period? OMG, I know it shouldn’t be that way NO MATTER WHAT, but I had no choice. Was totally stressed out of it just to get myself through this exam. What I really hope now is just maintaining 1st class, and hopping my average is above 80% if possible (kind of feeling not that possible).


But then, finally, everything is in a break, and gonna rest for a short while, and gonna pick up n rush for the next semester. Pretty sad for UK campus, they actually had the new semester right after the week of exams. NO BREAK. Crazy right? packed! OMG. but then, they gonna have 1 month easter break. =P enjoyable one. =P


Alright, I gonna prepare for a photoshop marathon very soon to keep my blog updated with some photos. =)


o~kay~ now, is time for me to get myself back into the 4-5k long lists of unread google reader news/updates. LOL already halfway through, 2-3k left now. =P wish me luck for today to finish it soon. LOL

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