Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho…. Merry Christmas!!


Once again, the year comes to an end. It’s the time where we get ready and celebrates Christmas with friends, beloved gf/bf/partners, families. So, what will be your celebration be?


Kind of sad to say, my celebration got to be celebrating myself with the books/notes at home. Simply because my study progression is too slow after 5 days of slacking around not studying. T_T


Btw, as a Christmas celebration, I submitted 3 photos of mine taken during my summer trip at Venice, Italy and Paris, France. I am not sure how great it will look like, but at least it will give a great attempt for me to know where is my level at current stage. =D


Have been glancing through other photographer’s submission, a few photos are not relevant to the theme, some are simply simple but simple, some looks much greater than mine; and yeah, I feel kind of impressed on the photos, just wondering are those photos actually edited? Some photos are overly edited which made me came up a question: Will the judgers actually eliminate those photos because the photos are not original enough anymore?


Then, next question came to my mind: How the judgements goes? is not clearly written in the website. *sigh*


But no matter what, the final result will be out by February, so assume that I would get a great news for my Chinese New Year gift. hahaha.. =D =D


These few days I was still in ‘jungle’ with 2 of my housemate. My Tzu Ching group notified me that they wish to come to my hostel to celebrate Winter Solstice (Dong Zhi, 冬至). We made the glutinous rice ball (I think FLOUR ball should fit it best, because is made of FLOUR not RICE.. LOL) and we enjoyed them.


Meanwhile, 3 of us staying in the supposed-to-be house of 7. Whole house felt very quiet and kind of weird feel but enjoyable. We actually walked around the house, kidding around and studied half way and dozed off. LOL, it was kinda enjoyable but, my study progress is really too slow and I havt continue my studies right now. Hope you guys gonna enjoy ur celebration to the max tonight!! =D



p/s: I din know I actually wrote that long. LOL

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Monday, December 13, 2010



WEEK 12!!!!!

its like, yesterday just started the semester..

and we are now on Week 12!?!?

that’s really really fast ok!?

> <||


come on… everything getting an end..

but still,

loads of things still need to be carried on…

next month exam…

next sem first week mid term assessment for group project…

carry out eventssss for Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth in UNMC…

well prepare CV and get an internship done latest by March..





feeling super stressed….



doesn’t feel like its getting holiday.. worse than new sem start in.. 12 weeks back….

and its like.. 12 WEEKS BACK!!!

time really flies…



update something new soon… =)

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