Monday, November 29, 2010


After so long, these pictures are out. It has been 2 years and as soon as I posted the photos on Facebook, everyone was kinda shocked. But hey! Don’t you guys feel memorable after viewing the photos? =D



And you guys may found out that my deadly, OH!! oops, I mean TEMPORARY deadly blog, which STILL a lively blog afterall *grins*

this blog has been left untouched for months. Oh damn!


Well, sorry about you guys who always be my ON TIME blog reader. I really love to see you guys visit more often. But I made you guys down, sorry~


Well, I have been rushing for new workload from new academic semester. Hmm, let see, so far I have been doing  2 lab reports, 5 group project weekly research summaries, and… and… and…


I think that’s it? BUT HEY!! 9 weeks gone just like this for these few reports / summaries!! And never the less, first two weeks struggling subject selections. ISH!!



Alright, back to the photo, do you like it?


will update more photos soon. stay tune. ^^

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