Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Music Talent Quest, UNMC

As you may know from previous update, the photos also stated that, the event was held 2 years back. You may ask why I would only update it now rather than 2 years back.

Well, don't you feel great looking on old pictures when all the memories flies in your mind?

It's kinda great feel.

Oh well,

exam timetable is out. =(

stress time is now coming.

Power Electronic Design on 10/1 0930

Digital Communication on 11/1 1400

Control System Design on 14/1 1400

Mathematical Advanced Techniques for Ordinary Differential Equations on 15/1 0930

Field, Waves and Antenna on 18/1 1400

and last one,

Electronic Design on 22/1 1400

Have you found that in my course,

there is alot of designing? LOL

I just only found out that when I enters year3. =.=||

very bad as a student I think?

but that would be great since I am getting more interested in designing stuff, especially on getting my head thinking for programming. It is kinda annoying but is just FUN!

Last but not least, share another great work of mine of the event. ^^

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owl_order said...

naice. two years ago i'd never even touched an SLR before.

Xjion89 said...

wow, u hv a lot of papers~
i got 4 ~
jiayou le~~
like the pic wif the spotlight on the performer~