Thursday, September 02, 2010

my national day celebration style

when everyone is busy going around for shopping and all,

I woke up in the morning first task was cleaning the garden, gardening.


after that, vacuum and clean 2 car, Myvi & Camry.


Myvi took me the longest time on cleaning.


can you imagine how dirty the car is as the owner is not around since last year’s September?


the car is full of dog’s hair, dust, dirts, small stones around the carpets.


After all these, I bathed, of course. And only I had my lunch, at 3.30pm.


right after that go tesco for purchasing some drinks because of my brother’s high consumption on those drinks. LOL


and dinner at my cousin’s place.


back home right before 12.00AM


and, finally touched the laptop by that time to view blogs n look around FB.


too tired. Dozed off minutes after that.


Next day, whole body aching + sleepy + tired.


but at least, i manage to upload 3 photos on next day for Leo 15th anniversary dinner. =P


sorry guys about it!

oh, let u guys take a look.. =)









p/s: BFF, photos~~~ XD

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1 comment:

Xjion89 said...

omg!u nid to exercise more! like tat already body ache~~

hehe, bff, love ur photo's watermark! So cute^^