Friday, September 10, 2010

minimum requirement of ur display resolution to view my blog





well, not to force u change but, at least set ABOVE 1024*768 res. i think if u set to 1024, u will need to scroll left n right STILL. this might make u feel frustrated.



Just for ease of viewing my blog ( and the rest of other websites+blogsssssss), i’m just suggesting you guys to ensure ur resolution of ur display is high enuf to view.



Maybe you don’t know how to operate with this display resolution setting.


Make it simple, follow this:


right click ur desktop background > personalize > display settings > 1280*800 recommended…


if cannot go that high, try, at least above 1024*768. =)



go go go, try it out…


p/s: words on ur computers will be looking smaller….

especially for netbook user, but, could accommodate more n more n more stuff.. =P


which, in a way, ur desktop will looks much more shortcuts / docs / files (MESSY)

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Hackster said...

So those smaller than ur recommended resolution are gonna get banned~~!!?? nuuuuu~~~

Xjion89 said...

update plz bff..~~