Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm back from... PENANG!

Oh yeah, after travelling hectically awesomely enjoying trip to Ipoh+Penang… We got sort of high anytime.. LOL



And this song, was ‘poisoned’ by a friend of mine, Sarah Yang in the car all the time while driving from KL –> Ipoh –> Penang and Penang –> Ipoh. LOL


We were kinda crazy in the car. I think, out of the 3 cars driving to Penang, only our car was so crazy all the way.. HOHOHOHO……


Photos is kinda messed up… and I’m now being asked to do something else first as HIGH PRIORITY… T_T


Show up soon. really very soon. >.<




**rain makes corn**

**corn makes whiskey**

**whiskey makes my babeh~~**


**feel the frisky!**




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1 comment:

Xjion89 said...

bff~~~hahaha, this is a cool song indeeeeeed^^

and dun 4get to upload only nice photos ~~hahaha``