Wednesday, September 29, 2010


omg… i’m now really fat already~!!!







uni started…

3 subjects compulsory, 1 group project.

1 maths subject to choose from 3 selections…

and 6 more subjects to choose from a long list…

wanted to take this subject,

but that subject is crashing with this n that…

want to take this subject but another subject overlap the time..


wat a timetable is this…




this weekend i MUST make this done… sigh

wish me good luck..

on this n also reducing my fats.. LOL

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm back from... PENANG!

Oh yeah, after travelling hectically awesomely enjoying trip to Ipoh+Penang… We got sort of high anytime.. LOL



And this song, was ‘poisoned’ by a friend of mine, Sarah Yang in the car all the time while driving from KL –> Ipoh –> Penang and Penang –> Ipoh. LOL


We were kinda crazy in the car. I think, out of the 3 cars driving to Penang, only our car was so crazy all the way.. HOHOHOHO……


Photos is kinda messed up… and I’m now being asked to do something else first as HIGH PRIORITY… T_T


Show up soon. really very soon. >.<




**rain makes corn**

**corn makes whiskey**

**whiskey makes my babeh~~**


**feel the frisky!**




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Friday, September 10, 2010

minimum requirement of ur display resolution to view my blog





well, not to force u change but, at least set ABOVE 1024*768 res. i think if u set to 1024, u will need to scroll left n right STILL. this might make u feel frustrated.



Just for ease of viewing my blog ( and the rest of other websites+blogsssssss), i’m just suggesting you guys to ensure ur resolution of ur display is high enuf to view.



Maybe you don’t know how to operate with this display resolution setting.


Make it simple, follow this:


right click ur desktop background > personalize > display settings > 1280*800 recommended…


if cannot go that high, try, at least above 1024*768. =)



go go go, try it out…


p/s: words on ur computers will be looking smaller….

especially for netbook user, but, could accommodate more n more n more stuff.. =P


which, in a way, ur desktop will looks much more shortcuts / docs / files (MESSY)

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

photoshop attempt

new photos of someone being so ‘cool’.





After sooooo long, first time attempted with such technique in photoshop for such effect.

I also tried on 1 photo,


What you guys think about these 2 photos?


was randomly playing around with photoshop since i did not touch photoshop for so long.


oh yeah, also with this,



Now, is the photos looks bigger and presentable? =P =P =P

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

my national day celebration style

when everyone is busy going around for shopping and all,

I woke up in the morning first task was cleaning the garden, gardening.


after that, vacuum and clean 2 car, Myvi & Camry.


Myvi took me the longest time on cleaning.


can you imagine how dirty the car is as the owner is not around since last year’s September?


the car is full of dog’s hair, dust, dirts, small stones around the carpets.


After all these, I bathed, of course. And only I had my lunch, at 3.30pm.


right after that go tesco for purchasing some drinks because of my brother’s high consumption on those drinks. LOL


and dinner at my cousin’s place.


back home right before 12.00AM


and, finally touched the laptop by that time to view blogs n look around FB.


too tired. Dozed off minutes after that.


Next day, whole body aching + sleepy + tired.


but at least, i manage to upload 3 photos on next day for Leo 15th anniversary dinner. =P


sorry guys about it!

oh, let u guys take a look.. =)









p/s: BFF, photos~~~ XD

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