Sunday, August 01, 2010

no photos due to unplanned programme on weekend

Well, as the topic mentioned, I couldn’t get any photos done due to packed programs for me for the whole weekend. Therefore, I would just give some short updates first before my next update with photos. (well, I really do hope next update will be with photos because I will be doing nothing while waiting my car send for servicing).




As I read through my own blog, I have just found out that my font was set as a custom font, which in a way it is not the default font name provided with windows. This seems not a good thing. How I hope windows could actually invent something that they could split the font name to “default” category and “custom” category. This makes alot of difference, at least for me. =P


Well, I have just watched 《人间喜剧》

It isn’t this banner that I saw in cinema. But well, it ain’t important. I watched this movie with my nephews and someone’s girlfriend. =D


Afterall, this movie is a comedy movie. It is really nice. I personally not really into movie but, I would suggest any of you reader have a time spend on this movie to relax awhile. Oh, and I’m not sure if it is still available, do remember to bring student card for rebate, and Wednesday should be still the cheapest day for movie. Please do correct me for this~~



Oh, and If you actually followed my twitter updates or maybe facebook status (if you do realise), I actually pretty unhappy with the Digi customer service. *sigh* It makes me somehow like attempted to throw 2 stones to hit 1 bird, but in the end both stones hit on head, with additional bites by birds on head. Well, I have been updating the status/twitter about Digi problem, so I wish not to talk about it again to prevent my anger comes to me again. =(


Hmm, seems like this is the first time I wrote such a long winded entry to my blog. Hope my blog won’t angry me, especially my blog reader. =X =X =X



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