Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm back.

I think I now officially back to Malaysia.

Physically and mentally.



but, I am still feeling not well while still havt work everyday. =(


not much time left (for updating blog) as need rest more to recover soon.




jgn ckp i tak update ya..

=P =P


i now got post u in here lehh….


dun tooo touch u noe…




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Tuesday, August 17, 2010



after hours of hardwork…

the main photo can be changed.

Why hours?

because a photoshop noob here. hahaha…


that’s y, you! photoshop master! should come train me!!!




well, what do u think about it now?

does it looks cool?


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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

changing for a new atmostphere

eiffel tower sunset watermark resize

I’m not really sure do you guys love this picture, but I personally love this shot very much. It was a very very lucky shot taken when I was at Eiffel Tower on the way back down to ground at 8PM local time.


Yeah, the time there seems late but still bright. It is because of Summer season. Oh, btw, at UK, you could even still see such brightness by 9.30PM.


Back to the topic mentioned, I am planning to put this photo as my main photo of this blog. What you think? Nice? =D


Please do comment it! =D


at least, leave a msg at my cbox. =)

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

R u EMO mentally?

When you saying someone is EMO-ing.. Are they literally EMO-ing? Or when somone said you are EMO-ing, are you? Do you think you are?


junsan watermark resize As going around on the trip, a friend of mine, of course my best travelling photography partner, he attempted to be EMO for this photo. Well, it somehow turn out not really having that effects, but it shows a very classic feel. Do you think so?


Well, what is meant by EMO? Do you guys know? btw, try wiki search it, apparently it shows EMO is describing a category of music. emocore, emotional hardcore. LOL


so, in a way, are you emotional hardcore person? XD

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Eiffel Tower falling down!!!

eiffel tower-reflection watermark resizedI am trying to get my photos organized. Just only found that I have actually taken too much photos to be organized properly. In the end it took me hours just to organize them in files, but not yet clearing up unwanted photos. =(


Well,  the Eiffel Tower wasn’t falling down of course! But, it looks really like it when I was there. Initially, I was walking towards the garden in front of the tower. I stopped in the middle of the path and took my camera out. I was totally freaked out when I saw the Eiffel Tower was just right next to me. It is just a reflection, but it seems like moving very very fast , falling downwards when I tend to squad down and open my backpack.


Can you imagine it? XD


This photo was taken during the trip which is fully organized by Jun San, another photography kaki of mine. Really gotta thank him very much. With a photography kaki organizing trips, there will always extra time allowance for photography session. Never fail. =P


Gonna continue my next photo editing for next updates. =)

Not sure which photo will be updated yet. Keep yourself updated from my blog k?

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

no photos due to unplanned programme on weekend

Well, as the topic mentioned, I couldn’t get any photos done due to packed programs for me for the whole weekend. Therefore, I would just give some short updates first before my next update with photos. (well, I really do hope next update will be with photos because I will be doing nothing while waiting my car send for servicing).




As I read through my own blog, I have just found out that my font was set as a custom font, which in a way it is not the default font name provided with windows. This seems not a good thing. How I hope windows could actually invent something that they could split the font name to “default” category and “custom” category. This makes alot of difference, at least for me. =P


Well, I have just watched 《人间喜剧》

It isn’t this banner that I saw in cinema. But well, it ain’t important. I watched this movie with my nephews and someone’s girlfriend. =D


Afterall, this movie is a comedy movie. It is really nice. I personally not really into movie but, I would suggest any of you reader have a time spend on this movie to relax awhile. Oh, and I’m not sure if it is still available, do remember to bring student card for rebate, and Wednesday should be still the cheapest day for movie. Please do correct me for this~~



Oh, and If you actually followed my twitter updates or maybe facebook status (if you do realise), I actually pretty unhappy with the Digi customer service. *sigh* It makes me somehow like attempted to throw 2 stones to hit 1 bird, but in the end both stones hit on head, with additional bites by birds on head. Well, I have been updating the status/twitter about Digi problem, so I wish not to talk about it again to prevent my anger comes to me again. =(


Hmm, seems like this is the first time I wrote such a long winded entry to my blog. Hope my blog won’t angry me, especially my blog reader. =X =X =X



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