Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh no

Oh no!


I have not been updating since I am back from UK for days!



ok ok, is time to start doing photo editing…


just done with screen calibration with assisted by this website,


but, seems like my laptop screen is not good enough..


any good screen suggestion?

lol, heard of samsung 21”

but, is that good enuf for editing?



will look around and mostly get 1 during PC fair since is just next week!



ok ok, gona get ready 1 photo for updating this blog..


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sharing is caring


Just came across this video in youtube.

Managed to view it after 30mins of waiting to buffering.



have tried to view some tv series,

in the end waited whole day not buffered at all.

Therefore, gave up and watched 大爱剧场 via youtube

at least the waiting for buffer is AVAILABLE. =P

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Testing testing 1 2 3...

First testing blog updates with Windows Live Writer.


Hmm, well, frankly speaking, I did not know there is such software pre-installed in my computer till a friend of mine introduced it through his blog!


Therefore, blogging is seriously COOL!!


kekeke, alright, from now on I am so gonna update my blog with this software.

Seems to be very very convenient to a lazy blogger, like me!



keep you updated!


p/s: and I am trying out with the font editing.. seems working pretty well! =D

YOU MUST USE THIS!!! oh yeahh… =P

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back notts, UK

Sorry for not updating these few days.

I am back to Nottingham, UK.

Was kind of settling down in my hostel.

lol, yeah, settling down in my hostel when I am still staying in here, everything is still inside here.

Well, I was precisely cleaning, packing, unpacking, relaxing, and blogging!


Soon enough, I will update at least 1 photo as Photo of the Day.
very soon enough I hope.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

i'm in Boppard, Germany

Halo guys!

I am now in Boppard, GERMANY!

it is quite a nice place to see on scenery..
but, quite a bored place, for where I have just went.. LOL

keep you guys updated very soon once i'm back UK in few days time.

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