Thursday, May 06, 2010

short update

Today, a long waited product have now arrived on hand. After requested redelivery twice. that's really a long way to go to wait it to come on my hand. Looked at the box, tested the sound, indeed, it is GENUINE.

Why I would say it is genuine rather than just ignoring it and saying it IS genuine without testing? Perhaps, you guys might not know, I have bought a CX-300II Sennheiser product which was FAKE from THANK GOD that I could return it to the seller and refunded without any extra pence paid (1pence = 5cents MYR)

Well, I have just submitted mathematic coursework yesterday. which means 1 burden down. This morning 1 presentation ended. 1 more burden down. BUT!!! 1 logbook due Friday, 1 group report due Friday. 2burden on. both not really completed yet. HEAVIER burden. =(

I am now listening to music with Sennheiser PX100 (the photo shown on top) while writting this post. Then, I will continue head back to my report to finish up most probably in hours time.

Don't think would upload any photo at recent moment. Sorry.
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Hackster said...

why need to request redelivery twice?

Hackster said...

Come on~~~~ give feedback regarding the earphone =)