Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prince of Persia on SCREEN?

Since when Prince of Persia is UP as movie?
OMG, I'm now so out-dated weih!!

Hmm, May 2010 is up?

Will it still on screen at the end of July in Malaysia?

Hmm... Now, depends on do they want to earn my ticket anot..

Oh yeah,
I saw Donnie Yen coming up with a new movie again!!
Oh yeah, I am so gonna watch that movie!

When is up, who wanna join me to watch together??
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Hackster said...

Donnie Yen next movie....

IP MAN 3 - Life of Bruce Lee


ProxYLimiT said...

your head... =.="

owl_order said...

actually i haven't heard of the movie until like few days ago, when i started following @DisneyPictures at twitter. ah well, i didn't even play the game so i guess it doesn't matter haha