Thursday, May 13, 2010


I think today's update will be sort of random..

First of all, I have actually given an INVITATION to vote in UK? seriously AMAZING...
I did not know we are illegible to vote in UK.. commonwealth country? Well, ignore it.

BTW, if you don't know, conservative is up, and labour is down. Gordon Brown is resigning. Hmm, gonna observe what will go on for UK's government now.. Need to be pretty cautious.. =P

Heard that the Volcano is still erupting.. This is really not the usual one. Please, don't affect my flight for summer... This will make everyone a very huge headache where no painkiller to cure it!

Few hours back, I was looking through a friend of mine's photo in facebook. I came across the photo of keyboard. It reminded me of 2 letters while sumone else actually commented 3 letters based on the photo.. X-S-E... (rearrange urself if u wanna know what's the word).

Well, then of course I commented what came across my mind,
If you do observe carefully on the keyboard,
U and I are always together..

Hmm, don't you think this is a special one created by Qwerty?

Imagine that he actually made it that way.. Qwerty, U and I *yadayadayada*
LOL... it seems quite cool if it is really that way that made this QWERTY keyboard. =D

Oh yeah, I took several photos about the voting / elections in UK. Most probably next update. =)

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Hackster said...

Gab so early mentioned it edy....u so late bar post =.=

bout the keyboard thingy...i read before that emmm...they invent this to increase typing speed for the typewriter, since for typewriter, if the two keys are near each other and u type fast enough in succession, it will get stuck.

Hence qwerty was created to reduce this error. But i have no idea why the 'r' and 'e' are so near each other. 'i' and 'o' mostly occurs at the back of the word ending with 'tion' so its considered ok, same goes to 'u' and 'i'. so u get i and o together. notice the last row zxcvbnm, its hard to combine any two of the letters together to form a common word.

But whether the creator really has the 'esx' and 'ui' together...i am not sure =) maybe he has really both in the mind =D

But yeah, u try searching this page for iu and ui =) U will get the meaning =D

but i guess he really likes 'we r T'ogether very much. does that ring a bell? =)

Hackster said...

we r t', iu esx. asd. xD~~~~

ProxYLimiT said...

you really has no sense of humor eh?


swap first 2 alphabet..

and U n I always together...
faham faham...?

qwerty is created bcz of typewriter,
so it linked to the punching metal thingy...
now keyboard, so no relations... LOL

Hackster said...

They juz dont wanna relearn typing~~

we r t', iu esx. asd. xD~~~~

I know what you meant. thats why decode what i mentioned above. =)