Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peak District - Literally LOST

Well, This photo have to thanks to a friend of mine, Sam Ng Jun San. He is having a DSLR by Lumix G1. Awesome one I would say. =D

Well, This photo you could see as it is written as caption : LITERALLY LOST.

Haha, this photo was taken in Peak District. We were seriously literally lost in Peak District. We have been walking throughout whole day actually.

This is our journey:

Raleigh Park (hostel) 45mins walk to city bus station.
Took bus to Bakewell.
Walked around Bakewell for roughly 30mins and tried the best pudding EVER, Bakewell Pudding.

Journey started here to explore Peak District:
Bus to Hathersage (1 of the village)
start walking towards the top of A hill (yes, just 1 of the hill, loads more there)
Walked for 2 hours maybe?
Found Little John's grave there. Yes, the Robin hood's follower, Little John. No Kidding.

Then, we had our lunch at the peak of that hill, which is actually a private section that we are not allowed in. (We did not know, thought it was 1 of the public footpath!) Well, we then got stopped by 1 Ranger telling us we are TRESPASSING. LOL! But we din got warned, but redirected to a correct path. LOVELY! =D

next on, wanna know more? =P
Stick to me tomorrow, photos up for the next hill. and also the Bakewell Pudding. =D
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1 comment:

kenwooi said...

getting lost is fun and scary at the same time.. i think more scary lah =P