Saturday, April 17, 2010

latest update

I'm finally back from Easter Trip.

Nottingham - Manchester - York - Newcastle - Scotland - Nottingham

In Scotland,

Edinburgh - Inverness - Loch Ness - Inverness - Edinburgh - Aberdeen - Edinburgh

So you could see actually my 'base' is located in Edinburgh throughout the whole Scotland trip.

Seriously need to thanks to Philip and his aunt for offering seriously awesome hospitality and free trip to Aberdeen.

Philip has brought us around whole Edinburgh (nearly I would say). Of course, you wouldn't want to go to zoo right? LOL.

So, basically my easter trip is now officially ended. I am now going to get my head into study soon. But before this, I hope I could get some of those photos done and upload them here. Please visit more frequent because I have no idea when I will update them. =P

See ya.

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