Tuesday, March 09, 2010

snowing soon again?

It has been a while did not snow. Is this a sign that winter is over? autumn is here?

Well, on the newspaper from past few days back, it seems that this week might get snow again. These few days it is observed that the grass are all frozen, the lakes are iced. throughout the whole day. Hope autumn comes faster, earlier.

On the other hand, I saw an article online which mentioning that it is showing that summer and winter is getting longer and longer, autumn and spring is getting shorter and shorter. This is due to the global warming.


Is this what we want for our life? Is this what we want to see having earthquakes everywhere, floods here and there, dried at the other place?

Come on, Earth is really shouting out extremely loud now to all of us. Please please please, help the world.
Remember Michael Jackson's "Heal the world"?

Let's do it! Earth is on us. We are on earth!
Earth bless us, we bless earth too!!

No way to lose either 1 side right!?

I am seriously joining this campaign, Earth Hour

Click that name and you will see more details about this campaign. I feel this is really nice of it. Hope you guys can just support it as well. no matter where u are on this earth. U ARE STILL ON EARTH.

Enjoy this song before you leave:

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