Wednesday, March 03, 2010

short updates

Is time to get myself a long sleep before the next lab report and something comes to me.

Mathematic coursework has now officially done and submitted. Relieved.

still in my memory card.

Btw, WE (my group of friends) had a reunion dinner before the CNY officially ends. We had funs and really awesome. We had "bak" gud teh.. (vegetarian is done specially for me) OMG, thanks SAM. XD

SAM thanks SAM who thinks SAM is so considerate.. right SAM? SAM know SAM SAM one right? haha...

**okok, is lame*


well, that day I have burnt my hands with the plate put in oven. HAHAHA....

Need not worry, I am now totally healed from it as SAM IS SO STRONG. =P

K, is time to sign off and get myself a good sleep. Update soon. =)
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1 comment:

owl_order said...

lol. the scar i showed you? i burnt my hand in the oven also.