Tuesday, March 16, 2010


人 生 就 像 一 場 戲 , 因 為 有 緣 才 相 聚 。
life is just like a play, gets together because of luck.

相 扶 到 老 不 容 易 , 是 否 更 該 去 珍 惜 。
Supporting each other for the rest of life ain't easy, shouldn't we appreciate it?

為 了 小 事 發 脾 氣 , 回 頭 想 想 又 何 必 。
Gets angry for a tiny minie matters; thinks back and feel ludicrous.

別 人 生 氣 我 不 氣 , 氣 出 病 來 無 人 替 。
Unlike others, I choose not to get mad, getting sickness from madness is helpless.

我 若 氣 死 誰 如 意 , 況 且 傷 神 又 費 力 。
Who gets happy if I dead angrily? It even energy-spending and tiresome

鄰 居 親 朋 不 要 比 , 兒 孫 瑣 事 由 他 去 。
NO for comparing within relatives nor neighbors; let next generations have their own lively life.

吃 苦 享 樂 在 一 起 , 神 仙 羨 慕 好 伴 侶 。
Angels would admire if you do enjoy the bitter and sweetly life with your lovely partner.

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Supia Chao said...

very meaningful

g_yean_i said...

LOL. is this post dedicated to me?? haha. but like it. thanks.