Saturday, February 27, 2010

A: I am going to teach this, and you teaching following ones. deal?

B: Deal.

Months later..

X to B: I do not understand what should I work out with this question. Please show me the way.

B to X: You should use something like this formula to evaluate the answer.

X to B: Is it something like that?

B to X: You are on the right path, but need to have some twick.

X to B: Where should I twick then?

B to X: Give a guess. Try and error might get u the right answer.

X thought: ...

X left.

X to A: I am confused with this fomula to solve this question. Do you mind to help me out?

A to X: What is this? Wait. I get my own notes.

*jjshhhh.... jjshhh... jjshhh...*



A to X: Ok, let me explain the whole topic from scratch k? *yada* *yada* *yada*

X to A: OH! Now I get the whole idea of this topic! I'm now so relieved!



B stayed under radar.

ME: keep quiet and will see how things go in future.
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