Saturday, February 27, 2010

A: I am going to teach this, and you teaching following ones. deal?

B: Deal.

Months later..

X to B: I do not understand what should I work out with this question. Please show me the way.

B to X: You should use something like this formula to evaluate the answer.

X to B: Is it something like that?

B to X: You are on the right path, but need to have some twick.

X to B: Where should I twick then?

B to X: Give a guess. Try and error might get u the right answer.

X thought: ...

X left.

X to A: I am confused with this fomula to solve this question. Do you mind to help me out?

A to X: What is this? Wait. I get my own notes.

*jjshhhh.... jjshhh... jjshhh...*



A to X: Ok, let me explain the whole topic from scratch k? *yada* *yada* *yada*

X to A: OH! Now I get the whole idea of this topic! I'm now so relieved!



B stayed under radar.

ME: keep quiet and will see how things go in future.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grandfather road = your road?


how can a grandfather road to be our own road?
Well, In a sense it cant be right? BUT, in future we gonna be a grandfather!

Hmm.. What do you think when u gonna get old eh? Have you thought of your grandfather? When you were young, what have you been doing around with him? haha.. interesting right..

click here to see other people's story and refresh your memory. =P

Really interesting one when I read through some websites and got this. =D

And, happy chinese new year eve!! lol..
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happy chinese new year!!


It is time to say happy chinese new year!

I am here in UK to celebrate with friends from Malaysia and gonna have a special guest from Malaysia campus too!!


She taught me English during foundation course. Awesome! First time getting a reunion dinner with friends at unfamiliar place. =)

What will you plan ahead for a brand new year btw?


I will do:
1. project
2. assignment
3. coursework
4. lab report
5. project again
6. exam
7. travel!

so far is this. wish me good luck!

Sorry for not posting any post for this week due to a project pulling me from getting things smoothly.

Take care! Happy CHINESE NEW YEAR!
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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Place to go in London

This is Westminster, London. There has Big Ben, London Eyes, Westminster Abbey Cathedral. Go morning and at night. Morning for cathedral visits and at night for nice landscape view! =D

Well. IT is really really nice to see their night view k! Will upload them very soon. Stay tune! =D

Start to plan my project planning. Getting hectic. =)

See ya
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