Friday, January 29, 2010

Updates for London Trip

Well, I personally do not take petai. Simply because I din have it before and not really sure how it taste like? And I remember someone told me before that it taste weird. LOL

Hmm.. Once came to UK, everything changed. lifestyle changed, style of talking changed, style of doing work changed, style of considering things changed. Things changed. Now I am somehow in a worried mood for alot of things. I now started to plan to get every assignments and projects going smoothly and get things right and done.

Well, back to the photo uploaded. This was actually taken from a restaurant that owned by Malaysian which named as RASA SAYANG. soooooooooooooo MALAYSIAN.. hahahaha...

Well, their spicy are really spicy rather than Hare and Tortoise. =) Hare and Tortoise I supposed is originated from HK. The workers there are really really not well trained to be customer first though. Or maybe should say it the other way,

This is London.
Customers are mostly foreigners.
We need to have fast flow to get things fast.

Sigh. Really made me somehow feel kinda disappointed with their service on some customer yet they just still get good business. I assume is because of the portion given? hahaha..

I'm now officially start to get on hand 2 projects which need alot of efforts and attentions in them. Please pray hard and get me update my blog as frequent as possible. =P

See Ya~

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kenwooi said...

looks nice..
i didnt try any food there.. =)

pying said...

i never eat petai before...not dare...haha

ProxYLimiT said...


owl_order said...

petai is nice! especially malay-style stir fried. my mum said i got this petai-loving gene from my dad haha. but she also said too much petai is not good for the eyes (or some other organs), not sure if it's true.

ProxYLimiT said...

oh ya.. i heard about the petai over obsessive eating effect on eyes.. XD