Wednesday, January 27, 2010

London China Town

I have been down to London and visited China Town for twice. Well, the china town at london is larger than birmingham of course. It did not meet up my expectation yet at least better than just a street or so. =D

Well, after been eating in London for 4 days, my wallet is officially slimmed down. The price is really higher and really feel heart pain when ordering after the second day of eating with same price AGAIN AND AGAIN. Really, if and only if I working here and stays here; else the price is really not for me to support myself here far longer. I would rather still prefer cooking which is much much much much much cheaper.

Well, at least we got some pretty nice food in London. For instance, Four seasons' roasted duck (of course not I ate it.. DUH!) and Hare and Tortoise for their famous portion with cheaper price. =) Well, good thing to travel around London is that all of the restaurant serves vegetarian foods. which you could easily spot the vegetarian foods on the menu by spotting the symbol (V) or searching the list VEGETARIAN FOOD.

My personal comment on this trip was somehow not as expected as I wish it to be. Well, at least we get to go places that has photos to keep as memory we were in LONDON. There was a day when London was raining whole day which made me feel so not interested in taking photos due not to get my camera wet.

This trip made me felt very tired, exhausted, bored. Comparatively to Barcelona trip, this trip is much shorter for dates yet feel much tired. Have no idea how it turned up to be this way. Maybe due to the final exam?

Well, has been in London so many days and I thought of loads of stuff and now still figuring out how to express them in my blog. Will upload photos and those STUFF together k?

Keep in touch!

**oh yeah, gonna be very hectic with projects and assignments again. Going to start a new plan to get this sem goes better.. =)
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kenwooi said...

i was there too.. just to have a look.. never eat because, yeah, its expensive after conversion =P

KaorU IchibaNa said...

from innit


owl_order said...

argh! should've asked john to buy red paper, brush and ink for me if i knew you were going to chinatown. and of course you would! so stupid of me. dammit.