Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hare & Tortoise, London

Today I am going to introduce a restaurant in London which I have mentioned few times in previous posts. This restaurant I assumed is owned by hongkee. Well, their portion of food is really not bad for the price you paying for.

So far we have tried:

This is the most spicy dish in their meal and is vegetarian. I ate this on the first day. It isn't really spicy compared to Rasa Sayang but it is really very sweet and strong taste for their seasoning. Their spicy-ness comes after you ate almost half bowl of the food. Well, I did cope with it but then I just don't like the sauce on top of it. Really makes me feel sweet.


This is the second dish I tried, therefore is vegetarian. It is not spicy at all. Yet it is really very filling. I barely finish it on my own. lol Well, their taufu ain't that fresh as it is back in Malaysia but what can we expect from LONDON's restaurant? =)

choice for mee:

regarding to 1 of my friend, their curry laksa is very famous. This is the photo taken on it. Well, heard that it wasn't really spicy though. =)

choice for japanese food:

This was 1 of the dish ordered by a friend of mine. It seems very tasty though. Well, wanna taste it? just go and have a try! go London, tube station Russel Square. Once you walk out from Russel Square tube station, Turn right and you will find FCUK in a building and opposite FCUK is Starbucks and next to Starbucks is Hare & Tortoise. Enjoy!
well, if from tube station walk out, turn left and go straight all the way, u will reach British museum.. you can spend 1 whole day there.. really really very huge!
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` Yi Han said...

Hey there, nice blog :)

owl_order said...

aiyo... come all the way to UK to eat malaysian food... so wrong. it's like, say, going from kajang to singapore for their satay.

ProxYLimiT said...

but then is famous in london.. y not take a try?
well, since the price aren't big diff rather than eating western meal.. =)

g_yean_i said...

Love the curry laksa. Nice=)

Xjion89 said...

hw much oooo?
clicked ads to support the dishes u order...hahaha^^