Tuesday, January 19, 2010



exam list

11 jan - software design

15 jan - power electronics

15 jan - signal processing and control

18 jan - maths

Is now officially ended!
I am now seriously totally relieved. I have no idea what happened to me. It has been having exams for years since I'm in Uni of Notts. Yet, this sem's exam stressed me, squeezed me, juiced me. and now it made me shout out loud! Back in Malaysia it did not turn out this way though. Maybe is the environment that changes my thoughts instantaneously. Is that or bad?

Somehow I feel so wrong that I sort of lost myself here when facing the final. Well, advantages of studying overseas is really long to list them out. There are cons too, but who cares the cons? Lives are to appreciate the pros! right?

Ok, so now what I have to do is to sort out all photos right now and post them up as soon as possible to clean someone's obsessions over looking at photos in my blog.. is that YOU?? hahaha....

Ok, just give me a few hours time and the first post will be up with photos k?

Stay tune!
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