Sunday, January 24, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 7 +updates

is now 24th of January 2010.

My exam is over for 6 days. And I'm now officially ends my 1st sem in UK. When time comes, I gotta say HI to 2nd sem. Time flies. Well, in between this 6 days, I have cut my hair, update my blog, went down to london for days and yeah.. now back to nottingham to get ready for tomorrow's first class which starts at 9am. Feel so down now that gotta get up so early for next day. But well, new sem starts, new hope comes. =D

well, when i was flipping through the barcelona trip photos, i somehow remembered that almost all the buildings in europe/uk having the almost same design :

I just somehow feel this building took my attention to capture but then the shadow of the building opposite it has just somehow ruined it. What you think about it?

Hmm.. Tomorrow start new semester, hope this coming semester will not be facing the same matter as previous semester: get stressed out out of nowhere... Bless me.. hehe..

K, is time to get myself on bed to ensure I'm energetic enough for tomorrow's lectures. Take care guys, and yeah, i will keep update my blog!

stay tune for further pictures from london! =D
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1 comment:

owl_order said...

yeah the shadow's kinda killjoy...