Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 6

Well, as you guys know that European countries are more open minded. But then, I did not know that Spain has such a super funny+cool+daring mindset.

Wanna know why? see the 3 photos below:

hotel COLON!?!??!
erm... okay... XD


Well, maybe bcz we dunno spanish, so we trying to pronounce it well. But when we trying to pronounce it out nicely,


no no .. wait...


this word just appeared very very clearly:

WONDER do they actually know the main meaning ah?

well, they actually have a dish of food named BIKINI... LOL!!!

seriously, Barcelona, Spain is a funny place to look around on these funny stuff which came out from nowhere you can guess.

Ok Ok... now out of this.. will now see what's next on next post for tomorrow k?

filtering photos and update blog is actually quite a fun work now i found it.. XD
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kenwooi said...

lol.. i saw NUDE around here too =P

Idzwan Phoenix said...

lol, those names are nothing...if there's anything you should be surprised, it's at how many of them have no shame in peeing against a curbside of a busy street in broad about 'a white man's burden' spreading civilisation!

Karen said...

maybe the food will give people that kind of feeling...hmhmh