Friday, January 22, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 5

Ok, as continue from previous post, you can see that quite-duno-how-to-say thingy is up with my fren posed with IT.

If you could observe, it's eyes was actually looking at my camera since the photo taken that i posted at previous post. haha... quite scary right? XD

well, I believe this thing was going around the street to cherish the atmosphere to get the christmas feel during that time, as we went was almost christmas.

Well, This post was actually supposed to be posted up during christmas.. becoz of this photo:

BON NADAL means merry christmas in spanish.. =)

well, let's teach some simple spanish.
GRACIAS is thank you
ADIOS is bye bye
BUENAS NOCHES is good night!

well, yeah, is time to say ADIOS and BUENAS NOCHES. Is time to say HOLA (hi) to my bed.. hahaha....

Keep update with my blog for more photos k?

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