Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 4

Sorry guys for not continue updating my Barcelona, Spain trip previously due to exams.

Here, I'm now going to show up some photos taken from a Cathedral in Barcelona. This catedral was not named on the map, so I have forgotten the name of it. Or should say it this way, I have forgotten the name (or maybe is not mentioned during the trip), so I now referred to the map, but the map is not stating any name, but just CATEDRAL. LOL

This Cathedral was under construction from outside, and I actually saw 1 professional photographer taking photos of the things in it with a security guard assisted him. seriously COOL!

Once we got into this cathedral, this is the first image I saw:

Then, I was kept adjusting my settings to get a nice tune of shot. Once it reached my PASSING RATE, I turned around and see some nice shots to take. And just right behind of me I saw pretty cool shot:

I was thinking why are the chairs locked in side. Well, I took this shot by zooming my lens across the gate that is locked. If you could see clearly, (or maybe not), there is actually someone guarding at the other side of this area. I wonder is it for people to get in and do something that is specialized on some special day? LOL

Well, then we walked around the whole catedral of course, and we found a place and we DONATED 1EURO to get this beautiful shot:

Well, not just we took this shot, there are some other tourists actually literally ran to the gate and put through their cameras and took pictures. Well, that 1EURO seriously gotta thanks to someone in our group, he will be up in next post. stay tune k?

So, erm, I still can't remember the name of this cathedral. Once i recalled, I will add in k? =P

keep you updated. =)
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g_yean_i said...

wow, you're really having a nice trip there! Nice pictures! hehe..

Wayne said...

Should be "Saint Eulalia":


Nice pics. :)