Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hare & Tortoise, London

Today I am going to introduce a restaurant in London which I have mentioned few times in previous posts. This restaurant I assumed is owned by hongkee. Well, their portion of food is really not bad for the price you paying for.

So far we have tried:

This is the most spicy dish in their meal and is vegetarian. I ate this on the first day. It isn't really spicy compared to Rasa Sayang but it is really very sweet and strong taste for their seasoning. Their spicy-ness comes after you ate almost half bowl of the food. Well, I did cope with it but then I just don't like the sauce on top of it. Really makes me feel sweet.


This is the second dish I tried, therefore is vegetarian. It is not spicy at all. Yet it is really very filling. I barely finish it on my own. lol Well, their taufu ain't that fresh as it is back in Malaysia but what can we expect from LONDON's restaurant? =)

choice for mee:

regarding to 1 of my friend, their curry laksa is very famous. This is the photo taken on it. Well, heard that it wasn't really spicy though. =)

choice for japanese food:

This was 1 of the dish ordered by a friend of mine. It seems very tasty though. Well, wanna taste it? just go and have a try! go London, tube station Russel Square. Once you walk out from Russel Square tube station, Turn right and you will find FCUK in a building and opposite FCUK is Starbucks and next to Starbucks is Hare & Tortoise. Enjoy!
well, if from tube station walk out, turn left and go straight all the way, u will reach British museum.. you can spend 1 whole day there.. really really very huge!
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Updates for London Trip

Well, I personally do not take petai. Simply because I din have it before and not really sure how it taste like? And I remember someone told me before that it taste weird. LOL

Hmm.. Once came to UK, everything changed. lifestyle changed, style of talking changed, style of doing work changed, style of considering things changed. Things changed. Now I am somehow in a worried mood for alot of things. I now started to plan to get every assignments and projects going smoothly and get things right and done.

Well, back to the photo uploaded. This was actually taken from a restaurant that owned by Malaysian which named as RASA SAYANG. soooooooooooooo MALAYSIAN.. hahahaha...

Well, their spicy are really spicy rather than Hare and Tortoise. =) Hare and Tortoise I supposed is originated from HK. The workers there are really really not well trained to be customer first though. Or maybe should say it the other way,

This is London.
Customers are mostly foreigners.
We need to have fast flow to get things fast.

Sigh. Really made me somehow feel kinda disappointed with their service on some customer yet they just still get good business. I assume is because of the portion given? hahaha..

I'm now officially start to get on hand 2 projects which need alot of efforts and attentions in them. Please pray hard and get me update my blog as frequent as possible. =P

See Ya~

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

London China Town

I have been down to London and visited China Town for twice. Well, the china town at london is larger than birmingham of course. It did not meet up my expectation yet at least better than just a street or so. =D

Well, after been eating in London for 4 days, my wallet is officially slimmed down. The price is really higher and really feel heart pain when ordering after the second day of eating with same price AGAIN AND AGAIN. Really, if and only if I working here and stays here; else the price is really not for me to support myself here far longer. I would rather still prefer cooking which is much much much much much cheaper.

Well, at least we got some pretty nice food in London. For instance, Four seasons' roasted duck (of course not I ate it.. DUH!) and Hare and Tortoise for their famous portion with cheaper price. =) Well, good thing to travel around London is that all of the restaurant serves vegetarian foods. which you could easily spot the vegetarian foods on the menu by spotting the symbol (V) or searching the list VEGETARIAN FOOD.

My personal comment on this trip was somehow not as expected as I wish it to be. Well, at least we get to go places that has photos to keep as memory we were in LONDON. There was a day when London was raining whole day which made me feel so not interested in taking photos due not to get my camera wet.

This trip made me felt very tired, exhausted, bored. Comparatively to Barcelona trip, this trip is much shorter for dates yet feel much tired. Have no idea how it turned up to be this way. Maybe due to the final exam?

Well, has been in London so many days and I thought of loads of stuff and now still figuring out how to express them in my blog. Will upload photos and those STUFF together k?

Keep in touch!

**oh yeah, gonna be very hectic with projects and assignments again. Going to start a new plan to get this sem goes better.. =)
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 7 +updates

is now 24th of January 2010.

My exam is over for 6 days. And I'm now officially ends my 1st sem in UK. When time comes, I gotta say HI to 2nd sem. Time flies. Well, in between this 6 days, I have cut my hair, update my blog, went down to london for days and yeah.. now back to nottingham to get ready for tomorrow's first class which starts at 9am. Feel so down now that gotta get up so early for next day. But well, new sem starts, new hope comes. =D

well, when i was flipping through the barcelona trip photos, i somehow remembered that almost all the buildings in europe/uk having the almost same design :

I just somehow feel this building took my attention to capture but then the shadow of the building opposite it has just somehow ruined it. What you think about it?

Hmm.. Tomorrow start new semester, hope this coming semester will not be facing the same matter as previous semester: get stressed out out of nowhere... Bless me.. hehe..

K, is time to get myself on bed to ensure I'm energetic enough for tomorrow's lectures. Take care guys, and yeah, i will keep update my blog!

stay tune for further pictures from london! =D
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 6

Well, as you guys know that European countries are more open minded. But then, I did not know that Spain has such a super funny+cool+daring mindset.

Wanna know why? see the 3 photos below:

hotel COLON!?!??!
erm... okay... XD


Well, maybe bcz we dunno spanish, so we trying to pronounce it well. But when we trying to pronounce it out nicely,


no no .. wait...


this word just appeared very very clearly:

WONDER do they actually know the main meaning ah?

well, they actually have a dish of food named BIKINI... LOL!!!

seriously, Barcelona, Spain is a funny place to look around on these funny stuff which came out from nowhere you can guess.

Ok Ok... now out of this.. will now see what's next on next post for tomorrow k?

filtering photos and update blog is actually quite a fun work now i found it.. XD
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 5

Ok, as continue from previous post, you can see that quite-duno-how-to-say thingy is up with my fren posed with IT.

If you could observe, it's eyes was actually looking at my camera since the photo taken that i posted at previous post. haha... quite scary right? XD

well, I believe this thing was going around the street to cherish the atmosphere to get the christmas feel during that time, as we went was almost christmas.

Well, This post was actually supposed to be posted up during christmas.. becoz of this photo:

BON NADAL means merry christmas in spanish.. =)

well, let's teach some simple spanish.
GRACIAS is thank you
ADIOS is bye bye
BUENAS NOCHES is good night!

well, yeah, is time to say ADIOS and BUENAS NOCHES. Is time to say HOLA (hi) to my bed.. hahaha....

Keep update with my blog for more photos k?

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is the guy! Barcelona trip-external

So, as mentioned on previous one. I will mention the guy who donated the 1EURO to benefit everyone.. haha.. here he is!

he says:"you looking for me ah? meh xi mou? eh? take photo ah? wait wait wait.. (posing)"

His name is Huan Chik Yuan. He is the tour guide in our group during that trip. He guided us to everywhere and anywhere. LOL

See his look when finding the exact location for next destination:

haha.. Seriously feel glad to have him to guide us. =P Because I know how stressful is it when you are seeking a place and you dunno where it is especially when you are at somewhere unknown. haha..

well, hope he did really enjoy to the max during the trip instead of stressing all the way.. hahaha...

oh yeah, he also took a shot with a big funny thingy.. duno wat it is called:

Well, this thing's eyes actually can move and the mouth can SPLIT sweets.. lol!!
Interesting right? hahaha....

Oh, wanna know more about this guy anot? kekeke...
he is not available... LOL!
he is studying mechanical.. a professional engineering course...
and erm... well, others are now sealed. till further amendment.. LOL

Is pretty late now. new photos updated soon k?

stay tune
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Barcelona Trip'09 Part 4

Sorry guys for not continue updating my Barcelona, Spain trip previously due to exams.

Here, I'm now going to show up some photos taken from a Cathedral in Barcelona. This catedral was not named on the map, so I have forgotten the name of it. Or should say it this way, I have forgotten the name (or maybe is not mentioned during the trip), so I now referred to the map, but the map is not stating any name, but just CATEDRAL. LOL

This Cathedral was under construction from outside, and I actually saw 1 professional photographer taking photos of the things in it with a security guard assisted him. seriously COOL!

Once we got into this cathedral, this is the first image I saw:

Then, I was kept adjusting my settings to get a nice tune of shot. Once it reached my PASSING RATE, I turned around and see some nice shots to take. And just right behind of me I saw pretty cool shot:

I was thinking why are the chairs locked in side. Well, I took this shot by zooming my lens across the gate that is locked. If you could see clearly, (or maybe not), there is actually someone guarding at the other side of this area. I wonder is it for people to get in and do something that is specialized on some special day? LOL

Well, then we walked around the whole catedral of course, and we found a place and we DONATED 1EURO to get this beautiful shot:

Well, not just we took this shot, there are some other tourists actually literally ran to the gate and put through their cameras and took pictures. Well, that 1EURO seriously gotta thanks to someone in our group, he will be up in next post. stay tune k?

So, erm, I still can't remember the name of this cathedral. Once i recalled, I will add in k? =P

keep you updated. =)
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exam list

11 jan - software design

15 jan - power electronics

15 jan - signal processing and control

18 jan - maths

Is now officially ended!
I am now seriously totally relieved. I have no idea what happened to me. It has been having exams for years since I'm in Uni of Notts. Yet, this sem's exam stressed me, squeezed me, juiced me. and now it made me shout out loud! Back in Malaysia it did not turn out this way though. Maybe is the environment that changes my thoughts instantaneously. Is that or bad?

Somehow I feel so wrong that I sort of lost myself here when facing the final. Well, advantages of studying overseas is really long to list them out. There are cons too, but who cares the cons? Lives are to appreciate the pros! right?

Ok, so now what I have to do is to sort out all photos right now and post them up as soon as possible to clean someone's obsessions over looking at photos in my blog.. is that YOU?? hahaha....

Ok, just give me a few hours time and the first post will be up with photos k?

Stay tune!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Most recent updates from UK final for SEM1 YR2


exam list

11 jan - software design

15 jan - power electronics

15 jan - signal processing and control

18 jan - maths

Yes, Software Design is now officially out of my mind. Now, get my head into power and signal!

I believe myself. Good Luck to myself. YES~!


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Sunday, January 10, 2010

blog will be abandon for almost 2 weeks


Just a short notice from me. I will be really putting my head into studies for this coming final which will take me for almost 2 weeks time. Will update my blog right after my final is done.

note: For friends who gonna wish me good luck, will here say GRACIAS (thank you in spanish) in advanced!

Well, you guys must get back my blog on 18 or 19 or 20 of this month to view my blog, K?

See you guys soon. ADIOS! (means bye in spanish)
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Friday, January 01, 2010








这旅途,多亏有chik yuan 及 jaric之路……


少不了的是在鬼佬日的『箱子日』(boxing day) 跟陌生人一起买衣服……一起『拼』了~ XD

现在在英国是01/01/2010 0101


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