Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Take a breath and take a rest!

After viewing this photo, do you feel like taking a deep breath and have a kitkat?

Yeah, take a break. I have been taking a short break at this moment when I have just done my practical construction project on audio amplifier+power supply. It was really a blast when the whole circuit runs perfectly fine and the song was so awesome blasting the speaker! haha! Well, the construction project is not ended that easily though. We still need to hand in a report due next friday but for me is thursday which becoz of a certain circumstances. On the other hand, I have now officially done my programming coursework and my mathematics coursework too. Somehow I just feel like the programming coursework here isn't really hard after getting done the assignments given weekly bits by bits. Well, Hope everything will be going perfectly fine and let me hold on my 1st class degree objective. =D

Never fails, the weather is now getting much colder. By the weather news in BBC, the weather this morning was at -1 degree celcius and it was zero degree celcius at 3am last night. On top of that, tomorrow might get whole day raining. I am now feel worried because my umbrella was broken due to the strong wind+rain last week; in a sense that I have no umbrella for tomorrow, and I worry about the wind tomorrow wont be that small too, which might make all of us feel very cold? I have only 1 windbreaker which I really really hope it can stand me through till this weekend for me to get 1 new jacket in city. Is time for me to get back to work what went wrong on my friends' programming code which can't compile (execute).

Keep you guys updated!

take care!!
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Hackster said...

MMmmmm..i feel like taking kitkat even before i saw ur pics. =)

Must feel damn awesome to have your audio amplifier working fine and hearing the blast and that last moment. Unimaginable.


ProxYLimiT said...

yes, feel damn awesome to have the circuit working fine... but!
the demonstrator fooled us that one of the session do not need to re-do and instead of another session..

Now my report is screwed!