Thursday, December 03, 2009

coursework coursework coursework

It is the time to say good bye to all of my laboratory sessions. It feels peaceful when there has no reports to rush weekly. It is time to say Nice To Meet You to courseworks too though. Well, as mentioned in previous few post, I have done my maths coursework; now I'm done with c++ coursework but somehow feel weird that it could not be able to run properly. I feels worried on it. Well, hope tomorrow I could solve this problem in campus.

As just mentioned, I have done all of my laboratory sessions, which included my construction project (audio amplifier+power supply). After I am done with it and no other sessions is allocated for it, I just found out that my lab demonstrator has just fooled me with the data needed and the data unnecessary for report. He has just told me the other way round and made me cracking head to solve this problem where the final report carries most of the marks. I really dislikes such demonstrator when he should be the one who guiding us to the correct path. He got paid for being demonstrator, not being fooling around the students.

I really wonder how could they do such things! I am now really tired of thinking things. Getting a rest for now. Bless everything goes smoothly when I get back to it.

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