Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas / winter solstice 2009


Merry christmas!!

and 祝大家有个快乐的冬至!

I'm really getting so frustrated on my lappie becoz my comp bluetooth device got problem..
made me could not send photos that taken with my phone...

which made me could not upload photos to my blog!!

and i just found that my nuffnang has no ppl clicked quite much anymore..
Try imagine my fren has re-created new nuffnang acc with new blog...
he has earned more than my amount in 1month+1week time... and i have been keeping this amount for like... 5-6 months? or even longer?
wat's wrong man... :'(

hope you guys still support me man.. sigh..
photos will be updated very very soon k?

This 冬至/christmas have to celebrate it in uk. we bought 汤圆 (glutinous rice ball) and ate it by cooking our own. Well, because din know the exact way of doing it and did not have the thought of doing it.. lol..

Well, Christmas is now celebrated at birmingham, uk. which is a distance away from nottingham. It is so quiet outside here on street. No cars, no shops open, no ppl walking around.. seriously very sad christmas... thought of malaysia.. we actually used to have celebration in public.. and here actually havt pay more to eat for a meal.

For instance, i just had a dinner at china town in birmingham (of course, cause i'm still here. ) well, it was chinese cuisine, in the restaurant named Malaysian Delight. =P

The taste of the food reminded me of malaysia' selangor's semenyih's broga's jia xiang's fried rice... or should say malaysia's negeri sembilan's broga's jia xiang.. haha.... it is really taste exactly like it... well, think about it, when was in malaysia, we used to eat western meal during christmas and even having promotion for christmas festival. Once came here, gotta eat chinese cuisine (no choice) and have to pay more just becoz they could earn more?

felt like CNY in malaysia... seriously a sad christmas.. well, tomorrow is boxing day (26/12). I not really know what's the reason they named it boxing day. But tomorrow is the day everyone go SAPU fashion stuff... cloths.. jeans.. bags... shoes... and i'm gotta wake up by 6am at most? just to rush at 7am to reach the shop and LINE UP TO BUY THE JACKET I WAN!!
omB omB omB... this is really triggering my nervous mood.. oh no oh no...
how how how.. really really really worried that those locals grabbed that before i got it.. why?

Because our body size is the same.. What to do.. I'm big size! =P =P =P

Well, please bless me to get jacket i want for christmas... =)

all and all, wishing u guys merry christmas!!

photos will really be uploaded very soon.. rmbr to visit!
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Idzwan Phoenix said...

it's called boxing day because that's suppossed to be the day people go through their 'boxes' of gifts...not on xmas day itself