Saturday, December 26, 2009

boxing day!!

I'm now just got back from grabbing clothing in town.
It is now 10.40am in birmingham right now..
Guys, guess what time did I woke up?

Is really unexpected you know? lol!
You could not imagine how many ppl actually queued up for buying stuff at this early hour!! or maybe they din actually slept at night though.. =P

Was there waiting to grab jacket, but sad thing is, there has no discount on the 2 jackets I like! Well, instead of grabbing both without discount, I got 1 EXTREMELY discounted jacket and 1 jacket. 1 from TOPMAN and 1 from ZARA. =) I feel contented INITIALLY. Once i went to Debenhams and I saw cheaper trench coat. That price whacked my heart hardly. That difference of amount between that 2 trench coat (the one i bought and the one i saw) could allow me to get 1 leather wallet. I'm now pretty upset because i still could not get a wallet yet.

Yeah, I have not get any wallet since i'm here, uk. It costs 20+ pounds per leather wallet. It is not cheap at all!! i'm now so shrinked because it is really really really expensive to grab 1!! =(

Guys, update you guys very soon with the photo i took today. sorry for no photos again. (stupid bluetooth device in this comp..)
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1 comment:

-DaN- said...

Hey. I know some shops don't offer return/refund for clothes purchased during boxing day, but some shops do! You could have asked whether you can return it, then buy another one :)
But anyway you're still buying stuffs at a cheaper price :D