Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barcelona Day 1 Part 1

Barcelona ain't a bad place to travel! It was really awesome! Yet they have wind chill, which made us feel cold.Well, We have been traveling for like 70-80% of the attractions in Barcelona in these few days. First place we have been to is the place shown as the picture above, Mercat Boqueria. It is MARKET. haha.. They had all kinds of things there in the market, ice-cream and chocolate is displayed too! and they do sell blue cheese, which has a very strong smell that I could not stand long. =(

Well, amazingly we found chinese words in a country where you even barely hear english!

This shop took my attention to take a photo as a memory that this is the first shop we saw that named after chinese words! =D

Next badge of photos will be uploaded soon. =)
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1 comment:

Jing Hui said...

it is very colourful!!