Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time for snowing in nottingham!

Guys, Merry christmas!! Sorry guys too, because now only I could get to upload the snowing photo in nottingham. There you go and enjoy it. =)

Well, another update for you guys too. I have now feel so contented because I have bought everything that I need currently. =P I feel so secured for this coming January for winter! *hohoho*

It's time for me to get back to studies for final. Gambateh!

well, i will still update my blog frequently. =)

see you guys with new photos too yeah?

oh yeah, for barcelona Sagrada Familia photo, will be uploaded very soon. Stay tune! =P
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

boxing day!!

I'm now just got back from grabbing clothing in town.
It is now 10.40am in birmingham right now..
Guys, guess what time did I woke up?

Is really unexpected you know? lol!
You could not imagine how many ppl actually queued up for buying stuff at this early hour!! or maybe they din actually slept at night though.. =P

Was there waiting to grab jacket, but sad thing is, there has no discount on the 2 jackets I like! Well, instead of grabbing both without discount, I got 1 EXTREMELY discounted jacket and 1 jacket. 1 from TOPMAN and 1 from ZARA. =) I feel contented INITIALLY. Once i went to Debenhams and I saw cheaper trench coat. That price whacked my heart hardly. That difference of amount between that 2 trench coat (the one i bought and the one i saw) could allow me to get 1 leather wallet. I'm now pretty upset because i still could not get a wallet yet.

Yeah, I have not get any wallet since i'm here, uk. It costs 20+ pounds per leather wallet. It is not cheap at all!! i'm now so shrinked because it is really really really expensive to grab 1!! =(

Guys, update you guys very soon with the photo i took today. sorry for no photos again. (stupid bluetooth device in this comp..)
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christmas / winter solstice 2009


Merry christmas!!

and 祝大家有个快乐的冬至!

I'm really getting so frustrated on my lappie becoz my comp bluetooth device got problem..
made me could not send photos that taken with my phone...

which made me could not upload photos to my blog!!

and i just found that my nuffnang has no ppl clicked quite much anymore..
Try imagine my fren has re-created new nuffnang acc with new blog...
he has earned more than my amount in 1month+1week time... and i have been keeping this amount for like... 5-6 months? or even longer?
wat's wrong man... :'(

hope you guys still support me man.. sigh..
photos will be updated very very soon k?

This 冬至/christmas have to celebrate it in uk. we bought 汤圆 (glutinous rice ball) and ate it by cooking our own. Well, because din know the exact way of doing it and did not have the thought of doing it.. lol..

Well, Christmas is now celebrated at birmingham, uk. which is a distance away from nottingham. It is so quiet outside here on street. No cars, no shops open, no ppl walking around.. seriously very sad christmas... thought of malaysia.. we actually used to have celebration in public.. and here actually havt pay more to eat for a meal.

For instance, i just had a dinner at china town in birmingham (of course, cause i'm still here. ) well, it was chinese cuisine, in the restaurant named Malaysian Delight. =P

The taste of the food reminded me of malaysia' selangor's semenyih's broga's jia xiang's fried rice... or should say malaysia's negeri sembilan's broga's jia xiang.. haha.... it is really taste exactly like it... well, think about it, when was in malaysia, we used to eat western meal during christmas and even having promotion for christmas festival. Once came here, gotta eat chinese cuisine (no choice) and have to pay more just becoz they could earn more?

felt like CNY in malaysia... seriously a sad christmas.. well, tomorrow is boxing day (26/12). I not really know what's the reason they named it boxing day. But tomorrow is the day everyone go SAPU fashion stuff... cloths.. jeans.. bags... shoes... and i'm gotta wake up by 6am at most? just to rush at 7am to reach the shop and LINE UP TO BUY THE JACKET I WAN!!
omB omB omB... this is really triggering my nervous mood.. oh no oh no...
how how how.. really really really worried that those locals grabbed that before i got it.. why?

Because our body size is the same.. What to do.. I'm big size! =P =P =P

Well, please bless me to get jacket i want for christmas... =)

all and all, wishing u guys merry christmas!!

photos will really be uploaded very soon.. rmbr to visit!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Barcelona Day 1 Part 3

Seems like no one would like to answer me except YOU! HING!
yes, it is really named after a shop...

today I'm going to show this photo:

Well, have been to another country yet our malaysian style is still sticking with us!

**follow what the statue did

haha.. Well, you guys should imagine when they were acting these way, everyone around were looking at us as we were crazy. haha!!

Well, at least we did enjoy and took this memory down and prove we were there!!

well, I believe you guys are proud that you guys did this action right?
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Barcelona Day 1 Part 2

As you could see in this picture, even the cathedral is under renovation...
During this trip, we have met almost everywhere under constructions. What to do? Is winter! They gotta rush up all their things to settle be4 summer so the city looks nice on summer! =P Well, The construction cathedral sumhow ruined this photo. sigh. Well, we went in the cathedral and spent pretty long time because it took everyone's attention to capture nice photos. =)

Photos on those? update in next BATCH. (thanks josh.. =D )

Oh yeah, Before i leave here, find something funny in the picture below:

Please leave a comment if u found it out. =)
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barcelona Day 1 Part 1

Barcelona ain't a bad place to travel! It was really awesome! Yet they have wind chill, which made us feel cold.Well, We have been traveling for like 70-80% of the attractions in Barcelona in these few days. First place we have been to is the place shown as the picture above, Mercat Boqueria. It is MARKET. haha.. They had all kinds of things there in the market, ice-cream and chocolate is displayed too! and they do sell blue cheese, which has a very strong smell that I could not stand long. =(

Well, amazingly we found chinese words in a country where you even barely hear english!

This shop took my attention to take a photo as a memory that this is the first shop we saw that named after chinese words! =D

Next badge of photos will be uploaded soon. =)
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i'm back

I am now back to Nottingham, UK.
Barcelona Trip was awesome!
super tired now..
after touched down... reached home.. laid on bed and dozed off.
Will update photos very soon k?

And i just found out, once i left, my visitors drop all the way..
sad case weih....
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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Is time to go barcelona

Oh no... It looks seriously so awesome!!!
Is time to say HI! to Barcelona, Spain!

But meanwhile, must settle down my report and get it down with a nice written academic style report language. haha...

Oh yeah guys, have you got any idea with nuffnang on "Buffering Earnings"??

Is it about the CTR bonus earnings?

=D =D =D it is interesting!!

guys, rmbr to support my blog!

barcelona photos is up very soon k?
Trust me! because after barcelona trip is HOLIDAY!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Saturday, December 05, 2009













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Thursday, December 03, 2009

coursework coursework coursework

It is the time to say good bye to all of my laboratory sessions. It feels peaceful when there has no reports to rush weekly. It is time to say Nice To Meet You to courseworks too though. Well, as mentioned in previous few post, I have done my maths coursework; now I'm done with c++ coursework but somehow feel weird that it could not be able to run properly. I feels worried on it. Well, hope tomorrow I could solve this problem in campus.

As just mentioned, I have done all of my laboratory sessions, which included my construction project (audio amplifier+power supply). After I am done with it and no other sessions is allocated for it, I just found out that my lab demonstrator has just fooled me with the data needed and the data unnecessary for report. He has just told me the other way round and made me cracking head to solve this problem where the final report carries most of the marks. I really dislikes such demonstrator when he should be the one who guiding us to the correct path. He got paid for being demonstrator, not being fooling around the students.

I really wonder how could they do such things! I am now really tired of thinking things. Getting a rest for now. Bless everything goes smoothly when I get back to it.

Keep in touch.
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Take a breath and take a rest!

After viewing this photo, do you feel like taking a deep breath and have a kitkat?

Yeah, take a break. I have been taking a short break at this moment when I have just done my practical construction project on audio amplifier+power supply. It was really a blast when the whole circuit runs perfectly fine and the song was so awesome blasting the speaker! haha! Well, the construction project is not ended that easily though. We still need to hand in a report due next friday but for me is thursday which becoz of a certain circumstances. On the other hand, I have now officially done my programming coursework and my mathematics coursework too. Somehow I just feel like the programming coursework here isn't really hard after getting done the assignments given weekly bits by bits. Well, Hope everything will be going perfectly fine and let me hold on my 1st class degree objective. =D

Never fails, the weather is now getting much colder. By the weather news in BBC, the weather this morning was at -1 degree celcius and it was zero degree celcius at 3am last night. On top of that, tomorrow might get whole day raining. I am now feel worried because my umbrella was broken due to the strong wind+rain last week; in a sense that I have no umbrella for tomorrow, and I worry about the wind tomorrow wont be that small too, which might make all of us feel very cold? I have only 1 windbreaker which I really really hope it can stand me through till this weekend for me to get 1 new jacket in city. Is time for me to get back to work what went wrong on my friends' programming code which can't compile (execute).

Keep you guys updated!

take care!!
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