Sunday, November 01, 2009

nottingham malaysian games update 2

I just found that I did not include what they include for us of being a volunteer.

As the photo posted previously, The shirt is actually given for free. Then, the tag is also free. There will have free lunch provided (Well, I am vegetarian and they could get me a meal. Happy enough. =D ). On the other hand, they will have a party after event, but of course is few weeks time i assume, because the event is just ended and they need post-Mortem. so, yeah... Not bad! =D

Oh, the food wasn't really taste nice, and... you know what? they are actually selling the price by just changing the symbol RM to POUNDS! lol!!

Couldn't believe that they are "potong"-ing us with this way.. =P

Here are some photos from the food fair...

** as u can see... the price is almost same in malaysia, but instead of RM is pound.. =X
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JengHwan said...

you mean 'pounds and not RM' is it?

ProxYLimiT said...

ya ya ya...
but changed now.. =P