Friday, November 13, 2009

latest update

Hey guys,
sorry for such a late reply.
This is simply because I am so busy in a building.

This is the building I have always been to nowadays to finish up my assignments/coursework.

This is Tower Building. The only tallest building in the campus and is 1 of the old building built since don't know how long ago... (dun ask me why i dunno since i'm here as a student! =P =P ) btw...
this building is belongs to Electrical and Electronics Engineer faculty. You know why?

reason very easy... at the old ages, civil engineer will always not in room... and they do not need alot of machines ( or maybe even dun need any big machines).. so they are out of scope.. then mechanical.. TOO BIG MACHINE!! cannot go till so high floors... so out! (serious! no kidding!) what else.. chemical engineer? what if they burnt off the whole building? their hardwork for so high building weih!! =P =P (summore their labs are not needed any machine right?)

You guys must be thinking, then y EEE????
what u guys using to read my blog..? computer right?
what computer made from? electronics...
and need electrical (power) to make it work..
y cant a computer to bring up?
you can even bring a laptop around the whole world! =P =P
that's y lo...
this tallest building belongs to?
the best engineering course! =P =P =P (kidding)
my course lo~~~

ok ok.. stop SS-ing...
actually these are really true.. quoted by my personal tutor...
who has been working as a professor for duno how many years..
and have been in this university for like... 30+++ i think???
not sure how long.. i just remember very very very long...

btw... there is a computer room in there.. =D
i always be there to on comp and "play"... lol!

next update soon!

**sorry again for late update**
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