Tuesday, November 17, 2009

do you guys rmbr?

OMB man...
Really really start to miss you guys... here has no one get as wild as those days in malaysia weih!

Work load is ripping me off slowly... How I hope it could just be a no due date assignments for me to finish them in a proper way and get them done nicely.. Sigh!

Seriously gotta find a way to make myself totally relax 1 day.. but... how?
assignments and courseworks pulling my legs anytime, anywhere, even anything i saw also reminds me.. >___<""


Oh, I am really getting headache of searching valuable jumper/cardigan/knitwear to wear during winter.. really hard to judge.. sommore no one can actually help us out on HOW TO CHOOSE... the locals here always "not free".. sigh!
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sarah said...

hey sam! haha what a picture to remind us in the middle of semester! we miss you a lot here too la.. nevermind la new experience heheh we'll be seeing you soon! all the best with your work.. dont overstress eat more :D

WeNShaN said...

hey..of course i remember!!! how NOT to remember.? haha.

yep, do what sarah said, eat more! it helps with the stress :D

Anonymous said...

seconded.... -lai-

ProxYLimiT said...

u guys want me to get fat izzit..

i dun wan to be the lai number 2...

u mean u guys coming uk during break?
ok good! =P =P =P

Kimberly said...

hey, Zara has a really good collection of warm jackets with down feathers. When you're looking for warm clothing, ideally look for "down" -but these may be a bit pricier. alternatively, "wool" is good but it may be a bit scratchy so you'll have to wear something inside. "cotton" is also a good one. a lot of clothing here are made from polyester, but i personally dont think they're very warm, although that depends on preference.

Good luck!

ProxYLimiT said...

thank you kim for the advice!
will go have a look around!!