Sunday, November 29, 2009

this is a really nice song!

*thumbs up*

This song has brought up the memories back in ages. Reminded me of my secondary school form 4/5 with my classmates had really fun days. Yeah, I was the odd one out, I do admit. Looking at them having fun in the crowd made me feel a silent happy deep in my heart. It makes me warm and happy. Miss you guys. Could our friendship last till in the future? no one knows. Let us hold on it as far it goes!

This song reminded me of the accounting seminar held in a building near hilton hotel. I still remember that everyone has arrived and in the bus, left me the one not arrived yet due to police cadet camp (oh, I think Peat Ming was with me too). Once I got on bus, the whole bus just came out with all sorts of sound, but those sounds really made me have a smile on my face! Well, I was really tired by stretching through the whole camp right after the final day exam.

I could still remember that the final day of the exam was Friday, and I have to get back home to pack stuff and back to school by that day. stretch all the way till the last day of the camp and left the camp in the morning for the seminar which is 2 days seminar? Haha... Yeah, it was really packed. But it really made a good memory for me for that holiday. Because it made 1 of my holiday fulfilled with you guys in it. Seriously looking into the next gathering where I CAN ATTEND. Sorry guys that I could not attend any gathering at all due to the class still on-going. >___<"
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Chien Shing said...

This song reminded me of my primary school UPSR exam period.People busy studying,I was busy memorizing this song's lyrics.I think I still keep this album in my house there.

ProxYLimiT said...

i rmbr the first time i super duper love this song was around that age too.. was in my nephew's room listening to his album.. and we were crapping around and was criticizing titanic's scene!